If you (or anyone you love) is in a fight for your life–
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1 Spoonful A Day Could Crush Cancer

Discover the powerful natural compound
hat could FINALLY kick open the door
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Cancer has always been one step ahead of us.

No matter what our most brilliant researchers did, it always found a way to regenerate…evolve…mutate…and spread.

So even if you “beat” it the first time, nothing can protect you from hearing the words:

“It’s back.”

But all of that is about to change…thanks to a groundbreaking discovery from scientists at the University of Michigan…

Researchers used to think all cancer cells were equally dangerous.

As far as they knew, ALL cancer cells had the ability to regenerate and spread…

But they DON’T.

As you can see here, cancerous tumors are made up of multiple cells.

But hidden in the heart of every tumor is something called a “master cell”…

These master cells are the only cancer cells that control HOW a tumor grows…WHERE it spreads…and EXACTLY HOW it manages to outsmart chemotherapy and radiation, again and again.

They’re the reason why cancer COMES BACK months or even yearsafter doctors thought it was long gone.

And while these “master cells” make up less than 1% of the tumor’s size…they are by far the most lethal, most sinister weapons in cancer’s arsenal.

But until this moment,
mainstream cancer therapies
couldn’t touch them!

Here are the terrifying facts scientists know so far…

  • Chemotherapy and radiation don’t kill master cells—they actually make them stronger. 32 TIMES STRONGER, according to a shocking UCLA study on breast cancer radiation.
  • PET scans, CT scans and MRIs can FAIL to detect them…making them nearly invisible to doctors.
  • New research reveals it takes just 100 master cells to regrow massive tumors.

As long as they survive in your body…it’s not “if” cancer comes back.

It’s “when.”

News of this discovery chilled the blood of cancer researchers worldwide…

So all around the globe, the best and brightest set out to find a way to destroy cancer’s “master cells”

And researchers at 23 universities did it!

This kind of medical consensus doesn’t happen very often…but in the last five years, 23 universities all identified the same powerful compound that can help:

  • STOP cancer in its tracks by devouring chemo-resistant master cells…
  • HALT hundreds—and possibly even thousands—of cancer-causing signals that give master cells their power…
  • SUPERCHARGE chemotherapy so it’s finally strong enough to kill master cells, and…
  • TURN OFF the “regeneration switch” inside each master cell to stop cancer from
    coming back!

And at the same time…

It makes your healthy cells STRONGER!

This stunning medical miracle is a natural compound called CL-4.

More than 3,300 studies on CL-4 have been published by cancer research centers all around the world—including Stanford, Baylor, and MD Anderson Cancer Center…

  • Stanford University
  • Baylor University
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • University of Michigan Cancer Center
  • University of California at Irvine
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Emory University
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Rutgers University
  • Temple University
  • U.S. National Cancer Institute
  • Université d'Auvergne, France
  • Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, Germany

This is one of the most-researched natural discoveries in the world—and I’m not just talking about studies in a test tube or with lab mice.

There have been 63 human trials to date, with 5 more in progress right now—including one at the prestigious Mayo Clinic…

All the evidence suggests CL-4 can outperform chemo—giving you the best chance of enjoying a cancer-free life.

Rigorous studies show CL-4 can defeat almost every kind of cancer cell…

  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Head and neck cancers
  • Myeloma
  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Melanoma

That’s amazing in its own right. But here’s the most exciting news:

CL-4 is so powerful and so versatile, it can attack lethal master cells from 4 different angles.

So if you’re fighting cancer right now…

Take this information directly to your oncologist…
because we’ve never been this close to a
permanent cancer cure

>> CL-4 punches the “self-destruct” button on chemo-resistant master cells

Unlike radiation, CL-4 can actually de-program cancer’s master cells to become “regular” tumor cells…

The kind that CAN be killed off much more easily by chemotherapy…radiation…or with more CL-4.

In fact, a growing pile of research shows…

>> CL-4 makes chemo work BETTER…

So you need LESS of it…and have a GREATER chance of living cancer-free for life.

In fact, a team of stem cell researchers discovered that combining CL-4 and the chemo drug cisplatin…

 than chemo alone!

So far, CL-4 has been able to supercharge the effects of 12 chemo drugs—including a colon cancer drug so well-known for failure that patients call it “5 Feet Under.”

>> CL-4 is the closest thing to a miracle I’ve ever seen.

And it’s just the beginning…

Because CL-4 can also do something that’s NEVER been done before by ANY pharmaceutical drug…

>> CL-4 shuts down 195 cancer-causing signals

Why is that such a big deal?

Because it stops cancer.

Shutting down these signals is like blowing every fuse on a master cell’s electrical panel.

Unfortunately, many common chemotherapy drugs target just one signal from one gene—and completely ignore the hundreds or thousands of other signals.

But not CL-4. Here, you can see CL-4 targets ALL of these and more…intercepting a grand total of 195 cancer-causing signals.

Which approach would you want working inside your body?

And that’s just what researchers have catalogued so far. A leading expert at Baylor University believes CL-4 could target thousands of these signals. And best of all…

>> CL-4 blocks the formation of new tumors

It works by activating a gene in your body that helps protect you from nearly every type of cancer.

This gene is so important, scientists have nicknamed it “The Guardian.” It sends a signal that literally forces cancer cells to die…and prevents new tumors.

In a groundbreaking human clinical trial from China, with 126 patients, researchers found that CL-4 “wakes up” The Guardian…

And makes it much stronger against cancer cells, as you can see here.

There is simply no pharmaceutical drug
on the planet that can do what CL-4 can do

And even if you’re not facing a cancer diagnosis today, this information could save your life in years to come.

Because CL-4’s cancer-fighting effects have been studied at every stage:
from “precancerous” stage 0…to the worst case stage 4.

CL-4 has the potential to save millions of lives

So why hasn’t your doctor told you about this?

Chances are, he doesn’t even know…

After all, Big Pharma is at the top of the medical food chain—spending BILLIONS each year to brainwash the entire world into thinking their way is the ONLY way to heal yourself of disease.

But the shocking truth is…they don’t “heal” anyone. But they’ve sure mastered the art of “managing” chronic disease, while duping the world into thinking they “cure” people.

They’ve indoctrinated everyone down the line—including governments, medical schools, doctors, pharmacists, insurance companies…and most patients.

Politicians who publicly support natural methods are ridiculed.

Doctors who use “alternative” methods are branded as “quacks”—even though they’re curing patients!

Researchers who uncover life-saving breakthroughs like CL-4 are silenced by the assertion that conventional methods are “still the most effective”…and “more research is needed.”

Patients who want to try something new are called “foolish.” You’re told side effects are just something you have to “deal with” and that your quality of life doesn’t matter.

It’s a system designed to keep you in the dark
about life-saving medical miracles

…and it puts your life at risk in favor of Big Pharma’s drug profits.

That’s why one of New York City’s leading doctors is doing something about it—right now.

If the government…the medical-industrial complex…and the mainstream news media won’t tell you about these incredible discoveries…

He will.

His name is Fred Pescatore, M.D. He’s spent his entire 25-year career seeking out life-changing medical breakthroughs like this.

When he uncovered the incredible cancer-fighting power of CL-4—and saw that NOTHING had changed in the world of cancer treatment…he was furious.

And he REFUSES to let
Big Pharma get away with it

People all across America are suffering through round after round of toxic chemotherapy, even though Big Pharma knows the drugs can’t kill master cells!

It’s time everybody else knows it too.

So today, Dr. Pescatore is releasing a brand-new comprehensive guide revealing everything CL-4 can do to help you fight cancer and WIN…permanently.

As the president of the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists, Dr. Pescatore works closely with the world’s leading experts in cancer, chronic disease, and natural healing.

He’s circled the globe to study innovative natural treatments that work—with science to prove it, regardless of what Big Pharma says.

Now, he’s pulled together every stunning detail on CL-4…showing you exactly how it defeats cancer’s master cells…how it can supercharge chemo…and how it helps keep cancer from coming back.

You’ll also discover where to get CL-4 right now

Because if you or someone you love is in a fight for your life…there’s no time to waste.

This essential guide reveals The Master Plan: How You Can Beat Cancer with CL-4. I’ll show you how to claim your FREE copy in just a moment.

But first let me ask you: If they’re keeping you in the dark about this

What else aren’t they telling you?


Because CL-4 isn’t the only natural therapy that works when prescription drugs fail…

For example, did you know there’s a 30-cent Alzheimer’s “antidote” that can stop memory loss in its tracks? Experts at Oxford University said this breakthrough is the one and only treatment that’s EVER worked.

Shouldn’t everyone know about this?!

And has a doctor ever told you that a plant extract called Neoflavonoid-B can free you from diabetes…because it stops runaway blood sugar just as well as the leading prescription diabetes drug—but without the serious side effects?

And, did you know your nagging arthritis pain could be caused by a strange “parasite” that activates your Arthritis Hormone? Once you know how to get rid of it, you can finally get relief—no matter how many years you’ve spent in agony!

Each one of these healing secrets is backed by impressive science, and is being used right now by patients at Dr. Pescatore’s private medical clinic in New York City.

And yet…

Nobody is talking about these
incredible discoveries!

But they could be exactly what you need to finally live life on your own terms…free of pain, worry, and physical limitations.

Dr. Pescatore believes you deserve to know about every one of these cures—and so many more—because they’re proof that the most feared diseases in history have all been reversed…wiped out…or dodged altogether by people just like you.

Cancer. Alzheimer’s. Heart disease. Diabetes. Pain. Parkinson’s. GERD.

They’ve all been cured before—without risky drugs or surgery—and you can do it too.

Big Pharma calls these diseases “chronic” or “incurable”…but that’s just another excuse to throw more drugs at you.

So Dr. Pescatore is giving away the details on every last one of these cures today. He’s published them all—including The Master Plan: How You Can Beat Cancer with CL-4—in a comprehensive new book:

303 Natural Healing Miracles
Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have

I’ll show you how to claim your FREE copy in just a moment, so you can tell us exactly where to send it. You don’t even have to pay for shipping!

But first I want you to see more of what’s in this incredible book—starting with a newly discovered Alzheimer’s “antidote” that comes from ingredients you can find in your own kitchen right now.

It works unlike anything neuroscientists have seen before, because it helps…

Protect the memory circuits in your brain that Alzheimer’s attacks FIRST…

This discovery comes from the most prestigious memory research center in the U.K. Researchers showed this method WORKS by slashing high levels of a brain-poisoning toxin found in your blood.

This poison directly attacks the gray matter in your brain…stripping away your memory and reasoning, and DOUBLING your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Some of Big Pharma’s most popular prescription drugs actually put MORE of it in your body.

That’s why this natural antidote is so groundbreaking.

The researchers who discovered it used brain MRIs to see exactly how well this method works to heal the brain.

Over a period of two years, these MRIs clearly showed this antidote protected gray matter—the area that Alzheimer’s disease typically destroys first…

In fact, the antidote reversed the damage by 90%

And that’s not all. A second study using traditional memory tests confirmed that when this antidote clears away the “brain poison,” word recall goes up by 69%!

And, data showed that using the “antidote” every day could make you 5 TIMES more likely to stay Alzheimer’s-free.

Best of all…

This “antidote” is all natural—and
costs just pennies a day!

And yet, even with these breakthrough results…mainstream doctors will insist, “There’s no cure for Alzheimer’s disease.”

Dr. Pescatore doesn’t care what anyone thinks—he follows the evidence, because it’s the right thing to do for his patients.

So if you find yourself misplacing your keys or your glasses more often…

Or walking into a room and immediately forgetting what you’re doing there…

This easy, inexpensive Alzheimer’s “antidote” should be your first line of defense—so you never have to live in fear of losing your memory.

Dr. Pescatore has seen such incredible results with this antidote at his clinic, he felt strongly that he MUST give away the recipe for FREE, so you can make it at home.

That’s why all the details about this powerful memory cure are right there in his latest book, 303 Natural Healing Miracles Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have.

And in just a moment, I’ll show you how to claim your copy for FREE. (You don’t even have to pay for shipping!)

But maybe memory loss isn’t your biggest challenge today. Maybe you’re struggling with diabetes…always worrying…

“Will I EVER be able to eat what I want?”

“Why are my numbers still so high?”

“Will I go blind…or worse…if I can’t fix this?”

If that sounds all too familiar, then you need to see this…

A natural diabetes CURE that puts Big Pharma’s
billion-dollar drug out of business

In a head-to-head study, researchers tested a specialized natural extract known as Neoflavonoid B against the blockbuster drug metformin…

And were completely blown away by the results.

In fact, researchers called them “identical”!

With Neoflavonoid-B:

  • A1c readings plummeted 21%...
  • Post-meal blood glucose fell 44%—from 356 to 199
  • And, fasting blood glucose dropped nearly 72 points

Even better…Neoflavonoid-B has the power to personalize your diabetes cure, no matter which stage of the disease you’re facing.

  • If you’re newly diabetic, it could help increase your insulin sensitivity...
  • If you’ve been suffering for years and have low insulin production, it could help your pancreas make more insulin again.
  • And if you’re facing serious complications, it can even help reverse the damage to your kidneys and nerves, and even protect your eyes.

Think about what your numbers looked like at your last checkup…

Frustrating…disappointing…and to be honest, a little scary.

That’s why you owe it to yourself to get the truth about Neoflavonoid-B—and experience what it means to live without diabetes!

But now that you’ve seen what Neoflavonoid-B can do to lower blood sugar, you’re probably wondering…

How could a natural compound possibly work
the exact same way as a drug?

That’s the best part—it doesn’t!

A group of endocrinologists in China recently published evidence that the reason Neoflavonoid-B works so well…is because it conquers a strange, new cause of diabetes.

Scientists NEVER saw this coming—because it has nothing to do with your insulin!

This landmark report published in Medical Science Monitor suggests that diabetes is actually caused by an imbalance in gut bacteria that sparks low-grade inflammation.

The research team discovered that when the imbalance is corrected…

Diabetes disappears!

They believe Neoflavonoid-B has significant power to eliminate bad bacteria and reduce inflammation…which curbs runaway blood sugar.

And because inflammation can also cause high blood pressure and high cholesterol…this next discovery makes perfect sense:

Neoflavonoid-B has also been shown to lower triglycerides and cholesterol BETTER than metformin!

In fact, there’s only one area where metformin had higher numbers than Neoflavonoid-B…

Side effects!

Metformin’s got plenty of ’em—including:

  • Fatal lactic acidosis
  • Anemia
  • Dementia  and
  • Irreversible nerve damage

Just say “no thanks”…

With Neoflavonoid-B, you can finally be free
of diabetes… and side effects

Over the past 33 years, study after study in the best laboratories all over the world have proven this natural secret can cure runaway blood sugar.

That’s why Dr. Pescatore has been using Neoflavonoid-B in his clinic for years. But he still remembers the first time he used it to treat the 5 toughest cases of diabetes he’d ever seen at his clinic.

Their blood sugar levels were sky high…their weight just kept creeping up…and they were taking multiple medications.

In fact, the only reason they were in Dr. Pescatore’s office is that their primary care doctors considered them lost causes.

But almost right away with Neoflavonoid-B, these patients were finally able to see progress—and Dr. Pescatore soon began lowering their medications!

So if you’ve been feeling hopeless…please don’t give up. This breakthrough can help you, too.

You’ll find all the details about Neoflavonoid-B—plus a detailed plan for living diabetes-free in just 6 weeks—in his latest book, which can be yours FREE:

303 Natural Healing Miracles
Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have

Can you imagine what a difference this one healing secret could make in your life?

What a relief it will be when you can go out for dinner with friends and just enjoy yourself…instead of worrying about every little thing you put on your plate—and how it may come back to haunt you later.

And just think of how thrilled your doctor will be when you go back in for your checkup and all your numbers are right where they should be—has that ever happened to you?

With the help of this book, there’s no telling what you could do!

Just listen to what a difference it made for Paul Kelley of Phoenix, Arizona, who uses Neoflavonoid-B with a combination of Dr. Pescatore’s recommendations. He says:

“It’s truly a miracle... It keeps my blood sugar levels rock steady no matter what. If you’re tired of worrying about your blood sugar, I highly recommend this.”

55-year-old Randy Miller of New York City tells us Dr. Pescatore saved his life:

“I’m diabetes-free and 90 pounds lighter. And I’m completely off all medication. His plan just works.”

And you’ve still only seen just a small glimpse of the health miracles waiting for you, when you claim your own FREE copy of 303 Natural Healing Miracles Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have.

This next healing miracle is for you
if you’re struggling with nagging
arthritis pain that refuses to go away…

Because the truth is, your joint pain could be caused by something you’ve never even heard of.

Stiff, achy hips that slow you down from morning until night…

Throbbing shoulders that keep you off the golf course…

You see, doctors used to think these “typical” arthritis symptoms were caused by wear and tear—end of story. The only “cure” they could recommend was to pop pain pills around the clock…and “lose weight.”

But if you have arthritis, you already know weight loss can be nearly impossible!

Finally, researchers have figured out why—and it’s not your fault.

Cutting-edge research at a French university uncovered the hidden culprit behind stubborn, aching joints. Turns out…

A hormone that controls your appetite…

could also be causing your sore knees!

Nobody saw this coming…but clinical testing all over the world now confirms it’s true: Your appetite and your arthritis pain are directly linked.

And chances are high that this could be the source of your stubborn arthritis…

Because researchers have found that 4 out of 5 people with arthritis pain have sky-high levels of this strange hormone in their joints.

Dr. Pescatore calls it the “Arthritis Hormone,” because having too much of it causes your cartilage to self-destruct

And actually speeds up joint damage!

But that’s not all. This hormone is also linked to weight gain, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol!

Big Pharma has no idea what to do about this—they don’t have a single drug on the market that can stop the Arthritis Hormone.

So what can you do?

It’s time to try Dr. Pescatore’s brand-new drug-free arthritis prescription…

The only clinically-tested discovery that saves your cartilage and conquers the Arthritis Hormone

For nearly a decade, a natural treatment called hyaluronic acid has been the gold-standard alternative to NSAIDs for serious cases of arthritis.

And then just last year, Dr. Pescatore found something even better—because it finally combats the Arthritis Hormone head-on.

This brand-new breakthrough comes from Europe’s Iberian Peninsula…and while testing shows it’s closely related to hyaluronic acid, the results have been much more profound—no injection needles, and best of all, no more pain!

In just 90 days, this Iberian secret was clinically shown to help…

  • Clear the Arthritis Hormone out of your joints—and out of the body…
  • Soothe not one…not two…but 11 common causes of joint inflammation…
  • Slash your arthritis pain, so it’s easier to walk your dog or even hit the dance floor…

And, best of all, it can…

  • Make your natural joint cushioning last longer—so you can keep on hiking, biking, shopping, and traveling

This is not just another “Band-Aid” solution that masks the problem. And it’s not at all like a risky NSAID, which only dulls the pain for a few hours before it comes roaring back, worse than before.

Because this ground-breaking discovery actually makes your joints healthier!

In fact…

and just plain walking
become easier than ever!

Dr. Pescatore was the first physician in the U.S. to use the Iberian secret for patients with tough arthritis.

His patients proudly report dramatic results within 60 to 90 days…and isn’t that worth it, to save you from a lifetime of popping dangerous painkillers?

“I have better flexibility with less pain! Thanks, Dr. P!”
—Robert Eagles, 76, Tampa, FL

You can find all the details about the Iberian secret for serious arthritis in Dr. Pescatore’s groundbreaking book, 303 Natural Healing Miracles Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have

Because you shouldn’t have to live with pain for even one moment longer.

So the next time someone tells you there’s “no cure” for arthritis…

If they tell you there’s nothing you can do except take another one of their dangerous drugs…

Hightail it out of there and try the natural arthritis prescription that works. (It’s in Chapter 4 of your FREE book.)

But these brand-new healing secrets

are only the beginning…

Dr. Pescatore has uncovered hundreds of natural therapies that can help you take control of your health…without being a slave to Big Pharma’s bogus cures.

Finally, this book makes it possible for you to get your hands on the most sought-after natural cures and therapies that Dr. Pescatore uses every single day at his clinic…

So there’s nothing holding you back from the life you want to live.

Take a look at some of the incredible secrets you’ll have right at your fingertips. For starters, you can…

  • Drop your blood pressure 7 points just by adding this fruit to your breakfast. The simple—and delicious—secret is waiting for you in 303 Natural Healing Miracles Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have.
  • Erase YEARS of digestive distress…in just 4 weeks! Even if gas, bloating and diarrhea have been plaguing you for your entire life, you can wipe out these embarrassing, painful symptoms once and for all. Check it out as soon as your book arrives. And, don’t miss the simple “shortcut” in Chapter 3 that helps 7 out of 10 people. (page 42)    
  • Lose 35% more weight with the Fat-Fighting Antioxidant you’ve never heard of. It’s never been easier to drop that last five or ten pounds—with Dr. Fred’s secret. (page 45)
  • The overlooked prostate cure that works when the usual suspects FAIL…so you can finally pee without pain! Dramatic results in just 14 days (page 27)
  • Nature’s best drug-free sleep secret is FINALLY revealed: All you have to do is activate this little-known “sleep protein” most doctors have never even heard of. Don’t spend another night tossing and turning—just fluff your pillow and try this instead. (page 83)
  • Then there’s the “apple and cheese” secret that could help you live 25% longer—and tackle two of today’s biggest brain killers at the same time. (page 46)

In spite of what Big Pharma wants you to believe, you CAN find a natural solution for every one of your health problems!

It’s all right there in your free copy of Dr. Fred’s book.

For example, you don’t need risky drugs to have the kind of stamina and drive you had when you were a teenager. When you get your copy of 303 Natural Healing Secrets Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have, take a look at…

  • 11 stamina secrets for the most satisfying sex of your life…no “little blue pill” required! If you’re skeptical…just try the secret on page 13 first. You could be having TWICE as much sex just 30 days from now. (It works like a charm for 92% of men!) (page 93)
  • The indulgent “guilty pleasure” that can strengthen your memory in just 12 weeks. This “no bake” dessert take seconds to make—even a bachelor can do it. (page 175)
  • And…the secret ingredient that makes fried food good for you! If you’ve been told to give up fried chicken, you need to see this first. (page 248)

And if you’ve been worried about your eyesight…living in fear that one day the world will soon “go dark,” just flip open this life-changing book. That’s where you’ll find…

  • The deep-sea secret for better vision in any light. Just 4 milligrams a day can ward off retinal damage—and you don’t even have to like seafood to do it. (page 33)

And if your vision is already cloudy, you can…

  • Clear away cataracts and sharpen your eyesight with this simple twice-a-day habit. It even fights troublesome glare! (page 34)
  • Slam the brakes on hearing loss with the “natural hearing aid” nutrient you’re probably not getting enough of. (page 37)
  • Wipe out crippling leg pain with this strange “citrus boost” secret. For faster relief, try this with dinner and then go for a 20-minute walk afterward (page 73)
  • The “wine barrel” cure for chronic fatigue. Finally, there’s a clinically tested way to banish extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and troubling exhaustion…and it comes from the last place you’d ever think to look. (page 97)
  • Cure the 6 most dreaded symptoms of menopause (including hot flashes!) with a powerful, hormone-free secret from the South of France. Go ahead and try this with your glass of Cabernet. (page 14)

But that’s not all you’ll find. There’s even a special section in this book that reveals cost-effective, less-invasive medical tests that your doctor’s not telling you about.

Technology has advanced so much, and yet doctors are still recommending the same outdated tests we were using 60 years ago!

For example…

  • Right now, you can get a simple $15.00 test that predicts future heart attacks with 99% accuracy! Wouldn’t you want this kind of warning if you or a loved one were in imminent danger? No one is talking about this…but the results could give you a just-in-time warning—or peace of mind (page 155)


  • The life-saving prostate test that’s more accurate than the PSA at predicting high-grade prostate cancer. If your last PSA reading was between 2 and 10, and you’re wondering what to do…call your doctor about this test now. (page 29)

And if you’re wondering how well these natural
secrets work… just ask the 53,154 people
who’ve come to rely on them, thanks to “Dr. Fred”!

“I’ve had problems with my knees for years and the advice I received from my orthopedic doctor was to live with it or get new knees. I'm 75 and thought I was going to have to use a wheelchair. I decided to try Dr. Fred’s way instead. Now I can walk, climb stairs, and even exercise without pain. Dr. Fred has given me a new lease on life!”
—Gerry Saxon, Greenville, South Carolina

“I was 30 pounds heavier, miserable, sleep deprived, and DEPRESSED! Then I found Dr. Fred and started listening. Each day it was like Dr. Fred was speaking directly to me on each issue I was having! Now I've lost weight, and 90% of the side effects of menopause are gone. I honestly can’t thank him enough for continuing to protect those of us who need it.”
—Tara Hestings, New York, NY

“My husband is 55 and has severe neuropathy in his hands. . Dr. Fred told us what would work and it does!”
—Victoria and Artie Katz, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

“I still can’t believe the results. I’ve lost about 75-80 pounds, and kept it off now for two years. My cholesterol is 163. My blood sugar is NORMAL. Blood pressure 110/80. People at work keep telling me ‘Jack, you look 25 years younger!’”
—Jack Birney of Princeton, New Jersey

“After giving Dr. Fred Pescatore a try, I am a new man. I am no longer on any blood pressure medication. My cardiologist is amazed.”
—Sam Tessler, Dallas, Texas

“I visited Dr. Fred and in under a month, my hot flashes, moodiness, and insomnia disappeared. Dr. Fred, you are a miracle worker!”
—Barbara Goldman, White Plains, New York

Some of these healing miracles are so simple,
you’d have never guessed that
good health could be this easy!

For example…

  • The pennies-a-day heart disease cure that can lower your risk of a heart attack by up to 1,200%—all without a single prescription! (page 146)
  • How to flu-proof your immune system in just 3 days…with the method that offers as much protection (or more!) as the flu shot, with a lot less risk (page 9)
  • #1 food you should NEVER, EVER eat during allergy season…because just one bite of this could suppress your immune system by 56%! (page 19)
  • A perfect, scalpel-free cure for excruciatinggallbladder attacks (page 75)
  • The blood pressure fix that’s so easy, you can do it in your sleep…(page 25)

And, my favorite…

  • How to eat out every day of the week and STILL lose weight! Your friends will be begging to know your secret…but it’s up to you if you want to share it! (page 228)

If you don’t wake up feeling young, happy,
full of life, and ready to seize the day…
every single morning… this book will show you
how to change that—FOR GOOD

You deserve to be out on the links…or down at the beach…or upstairs chasing your wife around the bedroom.

You deserve to be able to think on your feet and have a memory you can depend on—no matter what your age.

You deserve to live wherever you want—not in some stuffy retirement home.

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